Nanotion raises CHF 1.2 millions in Seed Financing Round

Nanotion AG, the first player worldwide to develop an innovative technology to fully characterize nanoparticles in liquid consumer products, announces that it closed a CHF 1.2 Million Series A financing round.

Bartjan den Hartogh, Christopher Latkoczy, Tom Forrer

The round includes Zürcher Kantonalbank start-up finance, private investors, business angels out of the Start Angels Networkand investors coming aboard through the investiere(Verve Capital Partners AG) platform. Furthermore, the Board of Directors has been strengthened by the addition of Philip Bodmer, an experienced investor in companies acting in the analytical devices field and Clement Spiess, enhancing Nanotion’s capabilities with his competences in finances. The investment will be employed to complete the development of the Nanoparticle Analyzer and to commence the marketing and sales efforts in order to enter the envisioned target markets.

“With the closing of this financing round and by attracting knowledgeable investors to nanotion, we are now not just financially, but also knowhow wise well set up to position Nanotion in the market and to buttress our further growth phase”, said Christopher Latkoczy, CEO of Nanotion.
Nanotion AG is an ETH spin offcompany, founded 2010 by Christopher Latkoczy and Bartjan den Hartogh and is supported by the W.A. de Vigier Foundation, the Volkswirtschaftsstiftung, venture kick, the Stiftung TechnoPark Zurich, NI Swiss Startup Program, and the Innovation Promotion Agency (CTI). Winner of venture leaders2010, it placed in the Top100 Swiss startups 2011.

Nanotion is commercializing its technology by developing and globally distributing portable analytical devices, as well as offering measurement services to customers. This technology permits monitoring the quality and the security of nano-enabled consumer products while optimizing production processes. Starting in 2010, nanotion has conducted several pilot studies with drinking water plants and is exploring this business opportunity for a national Swiss nano particle analysis campaign.

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