BioVersys AG receives the 2011 Swiss Technology Award

BioVersys AG has been honored with The Swiss Technology Award 2011, which is awarded since 1987 each year to Switzerland’s most innovative companies in three different categories. The venture kick winners of 2008 won in the Start-Up category for their innovative technology which allows you to identify small molecules that have the potential to «switch off» antibiotic resistances in bacterial pathogens.

Winners: the founders of Bioversys: Marc Gitzinger (CEO) and Marcel Tigges (CSO)

«We are very honored to win this prestigious prize. It is recognition of our technology and motivates our entire team to continue working towards overcoming the rising threat of drug resistant bacterial infections,» stated Dr. Marc Gitzinger (CEO) and Dr. Marcel Tigges (CSO).

Simply deactivating resistance to antibiotics
«This award is testimony to the pioneering nature of the BioVersys technology which represents an exciting novel approach towards achieving new anti-bacterial therapies as well as the potential to rejuvenate older, proven, safe and inexpensive antibiotics. In a world saturated with expensive medicines, this pioneering work may help address the escalating costs of health-care in antiinfectives by making obsolete antibiotics relevant again.» said Dr. Seng Chin Mah, Chairman of the Board. Dr. Peter Burckhardt, CEO of EVA and President of BioValley Business Angels Club BioBAC, comments: «We are proud of BioVersys. The award is an external validation of our efforts in coaching and financing of spin-offs who translate scientific results into business.»
Other finalists also have a venture kick past
The other companies which also made into the finals are all, also connected to the venture kick program. Martin Bartholet, CEO of Celeroton (Nr. 17, TOP 100), a company that develops novel electrical propulsion systems and already has several clients worldwide, was also a venture kick winner in 2008. The team formed by Matthias Peterhans and Stefan Weber from CAScination (Nr. 37, TOP 100) are also past victors of the venture kick competition. Their only two year old company have developed a navigation-system which is used to assist when removing tumors in the liver. The two venture kick start-ups ActLight and MindMaze also made the finals in the «Inventors» category. ActLight has developed a new generation of solar-cells for portable devices. Ecublens based MindMaze on their part have developed a movement-therapy system for treating strokes. 

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