Attolight closes initial financing round

Attolight AG (Lausanne, Switzerland), producer of a measurement tool the company calls «the movie camera for the nanoworld», has secured its first ‘Business Angel’ financing round of CHF 800’000. This investment will enable the company to initiate its sales program while completing its product development. «This initial funding will allow us to bring our prototype to market maturity and to commence sales», said Attolight’s CEO, Samuel Sonderegger, who founded the company together with Jean Berney, the CTO, in 2008.

Attolight co-founders, Samuel Sonderegger and Jean Berney

Attolight’s innovative measurement tool is akin to a movie camera for the nanoworld, enabling the user to observe and measure electrical currents at the nanometer level, down to the picosecond and in real time. The tool is based on a proven technology developed within the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Attolight continues to be supported by EPFL and by the National Centre Of Competence in Quantum Photonics Research (NCCR QP): the Dean of Research at EPFL, Prof. Benoît Deveaud, noted that «technology transfer in general and spin-offs in particular, are a major part of our role at EPFL and I am very proud that two of my former PhD students were bold enough to jump into the ‘cold water’, take preliminary ideas that we conceived in the lab several years ago, develop and prove the technologies, identify concrete applications for them and address real commercial opportunities».

The investment was made by several Business Angel Investors from the StartAngels Network and through the innovative swiss platform Peter H. Mueller, President of StartAngels Network said: «I believe in the potential for this investment: it has an innovative technology; a quality founding team; and addresses a real gap in the market.»

About Attolight AG:
Attolight is a Swiss ‘spin-off’ from the Institute of Quantum Electronics and Photonics at EPFL: it was founded in 2008 by Samuel Sonderegger and Jean Berney and is supported by EPFL, venturelab, venture kick and many other support organizations.

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