Winterthur Instruments AG

Company founded: January 2011

Measurement system for fast non-contact and non-destructive testing of industrial coatings.

Winterhur Instruments develops measurement systems for fast non-contact and non-destructive testing of industrial coatings of all kind.

Milestones / News

Milestone 12.06.2014

4th Winterthurer Oberflächentag - more than 100 participants

Deal 09.06.2014

Joint venture with Optris for lock-in applications

Milestone 02.06.2014

CoatMaster conquers furniture industry

Deal 01.01.2014

Market leader Erichsen becomes distribution partner

Funding Activity 27.09.2013

Winterthur receives convertible loan by private investor and swiss bank

Funding Activity 01.08.2013

DeVigier Finalist 2013

Milestone 01.02.2013

Winterthur mit verbessertem Produkt und Auszeichnung

Milestone 14.12.2012

Zeitschrift "besser lackieren!" wählt CoatMaster zum Produkthighlight des Jahres 2012

Milestone 11.10.2012

Winterthur was awarded by the CTI-Startup Label!

Funding Activity 01.10.2012

S-GE Mitglied des Monats Oktober 2012

Funding Activity 22.05.2012

SwissParks 2012 Finalist

Funding Activity 02.12.2011

Winterthur wins Heuberger Award 2011

Funding Activity 28.09.2011

Winterthur wins VentureKick Stage III Award

Funding Activity 20.07.2011

Winterthur supported by Volkswirtschaftstiftung

Funding Activity 31.03.2011

Winterthur wins VentureLeaders Award

Funding Activity 21.03.2011

CoatMaster elected to Top 20 Innovations at Hannover Messe 2011

Funding Activity 03.11.2010

Winterthur wins the ITG innovation award 2010


Videos and Presentations

Create a new CoatMaster application


CoatMaster enables coating industrie 4.0


Winterthur Instruments - W. A. de Vigier Finalist 2013


Technopark Winterthur 10-Jahr-Jubiläum 2012


CoatMaster ermittelt Schichtdicke von Nasslack auf Kunststoff


CoatMaster ermittelt Pulverschichtdicken vor dem Einbrennen


Winterthur Instruments @ Swiss Innovation Booth At Innovation JAPAN 2011




Winterthur Instruments AG im Technopark Winterthur


Heuberger Winterthur Jungunternehmerpreis 2011 - Promotion Video der Firma Winterthur Instruments


Schichtdicken- und Porositätsmessung von keramischen Schichten





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