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  • L.E.S.S. SA

    Yann Tissot

    „Venture Kick trusted us at the very early stage, at a time when we didn’t have a lot of concrete results. It has just been an incredible support.”

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  • Ava AG

    Pascal Koenig

    “The support of Venture Kick was crucial in closing our first investment round.”

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  • QualySense AG

    Francesco Dell'Endice

    „Without the help of Venture Kick, we would not be at the point where we are today. The program has accelerated our development in a massive way.“

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The jury: 100+ investors and industry experts

  • „Venture Kick is definitely one of the best supports a young entrepreneur could find. Not only money but lot of expertise and networking is accessible.“
    Diego A. Braguglia
    VI Partners AG
  • „Venture Kick is a great program for young entrepreneurs, helping them to build successful businesses which result in vital contributions to the growth of the Swiss economy.“
    Philip Bodmer
    Bodmer & Partner Consultants AG
  • “It is our duty to support the entrepreneurial spirit in our country. In this context Venture Kick is a very good instrument to ensure the success of emerging companies in the coming decades.”
    Andrea Pfeifer
    AC Immune SA

Strong growing impact


The results of Venture Kick since 2007

Started in September 2007 Venture Kick provides spin-off projects at Swiss universities with pre-seed capital, coaching and access to professional investors. Members from a jury pool (100+ leading startup experts across Switzerland) evaluate and support 16 spin-off projects in three sessions every month.

Since the inception of the program, 403 startup projects were supported with CHF 16.01 million in pre-seed capital (up to CHF 130.000 per Venture Kick winner), which attracted CHF 896 million in financing volume. Additionaly, the supported startups received hands-on coaching during 234 kickers camps.

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Supported projects per university

In 2015, a total of 365 projects applied to the Venture Kick program. The number of submissions is usually around 30 per month. Approximately 73% came from the German part of Switzerland, and 27% from the French part.

63% of the supported projects originate from the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology of Zurich and Lausanne. The remaining projects are distributed among 18 different universities, indicating that Venture Kick is well implanted on a national level.

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Supported projects per sector

The analysis of submissions by sector shows that all high-tech disciplines are represented. However, most projects can be counted in the life sciences (biotech and medtech sectors), followed by information and communication technologies (software, mobile and internet sectors). 20 % of the supported startups are from electronics, mechanics and micro/nano technologies, and 6 % are cleantech projects.

19% of all submissions are made by women. This is remarkable even if one considers the low proportion of women among doctoral students, professors and assistants. Nevertheless, this encourages us to continue promotional efforts in favour of women pursuing a career as entrepreneurs.

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Turning scientific innovation into entrepreneurial activity and job creation is the basis of societal and economical prosperity. In the very early stages, startups bear very high risks that are neither carried by public money nor by private investors. Supporting seed stage startups fills a crucial gap and is therefore purely philanthropic.