130.000 CHF kick for an app against skin cancer and the "chairless" chair

The ETH Zürich spin-offs Bitsplitters with wearable UV awareness technology in daily life and noonee bringing a new era of wearable ergonomic leg devices won 130.000 CHF each, the maximum funding granted by venture kick.

Bitsplitters and the smallest autonomous UV sensor in the world
The captain of the Swiss startup team and noonees CEO Keith Gunura

The “final kick” was again awarded to high potential businesses. All startups made big steps since the first venture kick session: they brought their products to market, got media attention and finalized their business plan. The other finalists, Dermalockin which develops a new infrared camera for early diagnosis of skin cancer, and Flatastic, a new app for facilitating the life of people sharing apartments, also strongly impressed the jury members. All these startups are active in different fields, but have in common that they contribute to the well-being of people.      

Enjoy the sun responsibly with Bitsplitters
UV radiation leads to skin cancer with increasing worldwide prevalence. By reducing the personal UV exposure, one can effectively lower the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, tracking the UV radiation wherever you are and get immediate feedback on smartphones can be really helpful to understand the effects of the sun in everyday life. Bitsplitters, one of the venture leaders 2014, makes it possible to become aware of the UV exposure with its sunbeat UV sensing technology, based on the smallest autonomous UV sensor in the world. The sensor can be integrated into clothes, hats, and sunglasses. It is wearable, washable, and has wireless connection to the smartphone. In addition, its mobile app offers data interpretation and visualization. The patented sensing technology is the result of a research project at ETH Zürich in collaboration with dermatologists. Samuel Welten, Bitsplitters CEO: “The support we received from venture kick through financing and consulting helped us to develop our project that existed only as an idea in the beginning, into an exciting startup. The straight, honest, and substantiated advices from the venture kick staff and the jury is the kind of advice that is essential for startups, but rarely found in the world of business.”
Sitting without a chair
The chairless chair ETH spin-off noonee was the second winner. Their futuristic looking leg exoskeleton enables factory workers to relax their muscles and sit down during work - without the need for a chair. The device is worn on the legs and allows the user freedom to walk or run, but once activated, the chairless chair holds the users’ bodyweight in the positions he wants to. The lightweight mechatronic device helps to relieve the stress on leg muscles and joints. In the future it can reduce healthcare and associated costs. It is indeed a chair that walks with you. “venture kick really helped us focus our resources on what we had to do and also provide us some finances to develop the business. Without them we would have had a tough time travelling and marketing. We are presently doing a product design and also preparing a pilot to install our product in factory sites of a big car manufacturer in Germany. Our next steps will be to industrialize,” said Keith Gunura, CEO from noonee, just before flying to the US with the venture leaders, where he will lead the Swiss National Startup Team as captain.

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annual report 2015

More than CHF 16m invested, over 400 startup projects financed, more than 896m in financing volume and 3.434 jobs created - this is Venture Kick's track record since the private initiative was launched in the fall of 2007 by a private consortium.

annual report 2015


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